The Sexualitree

Because sex is about a lot more than just birds and bees.


The Sexualitree is an edugraphic that helps us see the different ways we experience (or don’t experience) sexuality. Sexuality is something that affects us all on different levels, and something we experience personally, individually, and uniquely. To understand how this works, it’s helpful to unpack the three distinct levels on which (intimate, relational, and cultural) the myriad elements of sexuality (e.g., abstinence, body image, and consent, to name a few) affect us.

This model was co-created by Karen Rayne (Unhushed) and Sam Killermann. You can read an intro and explainer of the model, written by Sam Killermann on It’s Pronounced Metrosexual.

The Genderbread Person

A cute, approachable, and easily-digested model for understanding the social construction of gender.