Just the World.

Live stand-up comedy featuring storytelling and jokes from Sam Killermann's experiences traveling the world


A JAM Session featuring original stand-up comedy special by Sam Killermann, performed and recorded on December 4th, 2015, at 8:00pm in Chicago, IL.

"This is as much of a debut as it is a return to roots. Ever since merging his two worlds of comedy and social justice into social justice comedy, Sam rarely does one without the other. In this show, Sam is going to tell some of his favorite stories from his travels — stories generally used to leverage learning or insight into identity — with only one goal in mind: to entertain. While this won’t be an unjust comedy show, it won’t be a specifically social justice comedy show either (though, if you’re sharp, you might get a sneak peak into his angle for this show through the title)."

Every Shirt is Political

Because silence fuels oppression.