Everything we do under the moniker of hues is inspired, motivated, or guided by the beliefs above. And those ideas — each of the 25 — have their own history. They come different people, evidence-based research, collective consciousness, and shower realizations.

The hues creed is made up of credos, which are listed below, and visualized above in poster form.

It’s our hope that beyond being a poster of abstract aphorisms, we’ll have a ever-expanding Guidebook of How To Live Well, created by a community of writers, painters, thinkers, and livers. That said, we still love this poster of abstract aphorisms. It’s our map. We’ll chart our progress here.

The Credos:

  1. Aspire to a more beautiful world.
  2. You don’t have to ask for permission to smile.
  3. Connection is a basic human need.
  4. Where empathy leads, understanding follows.
  5. Nothing is original: we stand on the shoulders of giants, who stood on the shoulders of giants before them.
  6. Vulnerability is unbridled courage.
  7. Love radically.
  8. Awareness awakens consciousness.
  9. Live while you’re alive; regret when you’re dead.
  10. You change the world every day: it’s up to you to change it for the better.
  11. It’s not just possible to change the world, it’s impossible not to.
  12. To care for ourselves, we must care for one another, and together care for the Earth.
  13. We live in natural abundance; scarcity is manufactured.
  14. Mindfulness is just breathing.
  15. All oppressions are connected by capitalism.
  16. Our lives are made better by wanting the things we need.
  17. Helping when you don’t have to is an act of revolution.
  18. Language shapes reality as much as reality shapes language: swap “and” for “but” or “get to” for “have to” and bask in the difference.
  19. For everything you stand against, stand up for something more beautiful.
  20. Unhappiness is a social construction.
  21. Be loyal to people, and to the planet, not the systems that separate us.
  22. Art is both the process and outcome of human connection.
  23. Treat others in the ways they want to be treated.
  24. Some of the most complex beauty exists in overlooked simplicities: breath deep, identify, appreciate.
  25. Love your story.