About the hues

All of my work, and most of the projects I’ve collaborated on with friends, live under the umbrella of hues, a global justice collective. It stands for healthy, understood, educated, safe, which is representative of my goal for everyone in the world.

Each individual effort within the collective is a “hue.”

You can view all the hues here, or check out the following bulleted list assorted examples of what hues is all about:

As you poke around the different hues, hopefully you’ll notice the common threads, the ways that each of those projects might contribute toward the vision above, of a world where everyone is healthy, understood, educated, and safe.

One thing you might also notice is that almost all of those things are entirely free, and all of them are available for free in some form.

This is an expression of The Gift, and a core aspect of the work I do, promoting accessibility and removing barriers for folks who want to do good.

And that’s what brings us to this store.

This store is, primarily, a conduit for gift. It’s a place where I can create and host things to show my gratitude, and a place where people can show theirs.

Every dollar of profit from every purchase here is a gift to hues, supporting my work and allowing me to continue collaborating with others to provide online resources.